Adobe Illustrator

Instructor : Irene Roffaell

Adobe Illustrator

Who should take this course

This course is designed for those who are interested in Graphic design or want to start their career in it. It is also useful tool for photographer as well. Adobe photoshop is used worldwide in all kinds of industries. After taking this course, the students will be able to:

• Use tools in illustrator to create files for print and web design
• Create drawing and illustrations to help in any design field
• Able to draw vectors shapes which is scalable to use it in any interface


Illustrator Essentials
• Understanding art boards
• Creating your first document
• Understanding tools, panels and menus

Getting started with Tools
• Rulers, grids, smart guides and guides
• Selection too0ls
• Pen tool
• Pencil tool
• Shaper tool
• Line tool
• Eraser tool
• Type tool
• Distortion tool
• Free transform tool
• Object based tool
• Blend tool

Working with Layers
• Understanding Layers
• How to create layers
• Stackign and reordering layers
• Hiding layers
• How to delete layers

How to add Color
• Settings and how to use Fill and Stroke
• How to save and use color in the Swatches panel
• Applying linear and radial gradients

Mastering Masks
• How to mask shapes and text using shapes
• How to use opacity masks highlights or gradients 

Knowing your Paths
• Creating basic paths
• Tracing images with Pen Tool
• Changing the weight of strokes
• Making caps rounded or flush
• Creating dotted lines / dashes from stroked paths


Awareness and accomplished attendance


No previous knowledge of Illustrator required cause This course starts from the basics of Illustrator.

Course Details

One-to-one training cost is $350 for 20 hours