Full Stack Web Development Program

In this program, students will learn the foundation of designing and developing creative websites. This course is focusing on Front-End Web Development with the essential skills of using the back-end development also. Students upon finishing the entire course will be able to create static or dynamic websites that are enriched with multimedia.

Students are advised to take the courses in the following sequence:

Module 1:

Course Name HTML and CSS
Course Period 40 hours (16 Lectures)
Description Using HTML 5 (Hypertext Markup language) to create the entire page content then adding CSS (Cascading Style Sheet Level 2 and 3) to style the HTML page content plus getting an initial idea about using CSS3 media quires for responsive design


Module 2:

Course Name Bootstrap Framework
Course Period 15 hours (6 Lectures)
Description Using Bootstrap Framework, the world’s most popular front-end open source to create responsive website


Module 3:

Course Name JavaScript
Course Period 40 hours (16 Lectures)
Description The initial steps to learn JavaScript with the fundamental concepts of programming structures including loops, conditions, functions and other JS tools like date and time then students take the students into the second level of JavaScript in using Document Object Model, Object Oriented Programming, and JSON


Module 4:

Course Name jQuery
Course Period 15 hours (6 Lectures)
Description Using jQuery which is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. This library has many features to create interactive front end websites


Module 5:

Course Name Introduction to PHP with MySQL
Course Period 40 hours (16 Lectures)
Description Using MySQL which is one of the famous Database Management System that is run by Oracle to create and design a relational database using SQL language.



  • This program is designed for adult students
  • Students should have experience working with windows or Mac OS environment
  • Students should be able to use a desktop application like MS-Word

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