Adobe Photoshop (Orthoplex Testing)

Instructor : Irene Roffaell

Adobe Photoshop (Orthoplex Testing)


One-to-one training cost is $350 for 20 hours

Hours: 5pm – 7pm OR 7pm-9pm

Maximum 5 students per class
– Introduction to Photoshop
– Image size and resolution
– Understand layer panel
– Selections and Masking
– Color and Color Modes
– Title and Text Layers
– Brushes and Brush Panel
– Using Types
– Shape Layers and Frame Tools
– Layers and Smart Objects
– logo design
– Photoshop Retouching and Photography Lighting
  1. ISE Familiarization and Certificate Usage
  2. Active Directory and Identity Source Sequences
  3. Policy Sets, Conditions Studio, and Network Devices
  4. Passive Identity (Easy Connect)
  5. 802.1X-Wired Networks – PEAP
  6. 802.1X-Wired Networks – EAP-FAST
  7. 802.1X-Wireless Networks
  8. 802.1X-MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB)
  9. Centralized Web Authentication (CWA)
  10. Guest Access and Reports
  11. Endpoint Profiling and Reports
  12. BYOD and My Devices Portal
  13. Posture Compliance and Reports
  14. Compliance Based VPN Access (Optional, Exclusive)
  15. TACACS+ Device Administration
  16. Additional Guest Scenarios (Optional)
  17. Posture Compliance Using the Temporal Agent (Optional, Exclusive)
  18. pxGrid Integration with Firepower (Optional, Exclusive)
  19. TrustSec Security Group Access (Optional, Exclusive)
  20. ISE Distributed Deployment (Optional, Exclusive)
  21. pxGrid Integration with Stealthwatch (Optional, Exclusive)

– No previous knowledge of Photoshop required cause This course starts from the basics of Photoshop.


Awarenes and accomplished attendance
This course is designed for those who are interested in Graphic design or want to start their career in it. It is also useful tool for photographer as well. Adobe photoshop is used worldwide in all kinds of industries. After taking this course, the students will be able to:

– Identify different Photoshop interface elements
– Understand the concept of layering and blending
– Easily navigate around the canvas while working with multiple designs

Classroom and Virtual Classroom sessions of this course include access to the following benefits:

  • Course Recordings
  • IT Resource Library
  • Digital courseware