PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals

The Fundamentals level of the PeopleCert DevOps qualification scheme is aimed at anyone who wishes to become an efficient member of a DevOps environment. If you’re looking for a higher level certification, you can review PeopleCert DevOps Leadership.

Candidates get guidance on how to work with DevOps practices and how to achieve better collaboration and communication. PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals course provides the candidate with solid knowledge and understanding of DevOps terms, principles, tools and practices, and how to use tools efficiently and effectively within a DevOps environment to achieve business goals, using a full-stack approach.

You will learn about:

-History and need of DevOps

-Key concepts of DevOps

-Business value of DevOps

-Concepts underlying C.A.L.M.S., The Three Ways, continuous delivery, and the scope of the full stack

-DevOps culture, transformational leadership and DevOps structure and teaming

-Evolution of the DevOps Practices and the 15 essential practices of DevOps

-Agile project management and Scrum methodology

-Key concepts of cloud technology and virtualization, automation for deployment pipeline, and architecting for continuous delivery

This certification offers the free-of-charge Digital Badge service.

The digital badge will allow you to showcase your professional certification acquired through PeopleCert to potential employers, colleagues and your business network. It can be added on your email signature, your CV, your LinkedIn and other social media accounts.