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Best IT Skills In Demand In 2021

Best IT Skills In Demand In 2021

2020 was a tough year for all of us, and you would not be wrong to assume that its impact will be distinctly noticeable in the days to come. 2021 is thus going to be replete with adjustments and also, as per research, increased digital transformation. To keep pace, the IT industry is looking for qualified individuals with a very specific skill set. The ones mentioned below will allow you to become functional and pave the way for an immensely bright future.

1.      Cybersecurity

The coronavirus outbreak has made even the most top-notch companies all across the globe prone to cybercrime. From among the wide range of tech skills to learn, the IT pros admitted focusing on cybersecurity, which involves risk detection and management. When acquainted with cybersecurity, an organization can keep its most sensitive data safe.

2.      Data Science

The best companies are looking out for individuals who can successfully interpret the raw data available and convert them into usable feedback. This helps them create much better services and products. In order to master data science, you must learn varied programming languages such as R, SAS, Python, etc.

3.      Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

To reinforce artificial intelligence (AI) skills, IT professionals have to be aware of data engineering as well as the programming languages stated just above. By learning about NLP or Natural Language Processing, which is a significant branch of AI, you will be able to refine your resume further.

Machine learning is perhaps the first skill you need to acquire to grab the most in demand IT jobs. The IT specialists are expected to find definite patterns in data. Wondering how do they do that? By escalating their knowledge about computer science, software engineering, system design, etc.

4.      LINUX

The modern-day companies declared that they would appoint only those individuals who can operate LINUX in a seamless manner. Basic maintenance, networking, grasp over command lines, ways to install and configure workstations are something the IT pros need to know.

5.      Virtual Reality

According to the survey conducted by Deloitte, the popularity of virtual reality (VR) will grow at a considerable speed this year. Hypergrid Business agreed to the claim and further stated that VR’s usage would double what it was in 2019. Quite naturally, the IT pros must have an understanding of virtual reality, which includes experimenting with sound design and 3D tools.

6.      Software Development

The new software is developed to meet the modified requirements of the companies as well as their target customers. The IT pros must know how exactly to test the different software and debug the issues that may crop up unexpectedly. The ability to design cent percent secure and user-friendly databases is also mandatory.

7.      Blockchain

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have revolutionized the entire digital landscape. Blockchain development has carved a path for umpteen job opportunities – ideal for the new developers and young enthusiasts. To gain a 360-degree comprehension of blockchain, you must have a powerful background of software development as well as profound information about data algorithms.

8.      Mobile Development

As Covid19 has compelled the entire global population to stay at home, the companies tried reaching their prospective customers through mobile applications. By understanding the API or application programming interface, and the frameworks for cross-platform application development, the IT pros can create just the solutions that can benefit both the company and the client in such challenging times.

9.      Cloud Computing

The pandemic situation has negatively affected the financial condition of several companies. Since cloud computing has managed to reduce the overall expenditures by approximately 38%, to enjoy top IT careers in demand, you must know how to configure, deploy, manage, and secure cloud services.

By cultivating all or at least a majority of the skills stated above, an IT professional can add utmost value to any project he/she is entrusted with. Start working if you want to end up in a reputed organization and earn a decent salary with numerous incentives.