Coding for kids

Coding for kids

Instructor : Shiva Mulwani

This engaging and interactive Coding for Kids course is designed for young learners aged 6 to 10, introducing them to the exciting world of programming through Scratch Jr. Over 20 hours, children will embark on a creative journey, learning the basics of computer science, problem-solving, and logical thinking. The course focuses on hands-on activities using Scratch Jr, a visual programming language specifically designed for young minds. By the end of the course, kids will have the foundational skills to express their creativity through coding.

Who should take this course

This Coding for Kids course with Scratch Jr is ideal for:

– Children Ages 6-10: The course is specifically designed for young learners within the 6 to 10 age range who are eager to explore the basics of coding in a playful and engaging manner.
– Tech-Savvy Kids: Children who already have some exposure to digital devices and show an interest in technology, gaming, or creative digital activities.


* Introduction to Coding and Scratch Jr
– Overview of coding and its importance
– Introduction to Scratch Jr interface and basic features
– Creating the first animated character

* Understanding Blocks and Commands
– Exploring basic coding blocks
– Using commands to move characters and objects
– Creating simple animations

* Storytelling with Code
– Introduction to coding for storytelling
– Creating a basic interactive story using Scratch Jr
– Adding dialogue and sound effects

* Introduction to Loops and Repetition
– Understanding loops in programming
– Using loops to create repeating patterns
– Applying loops in storytelling

* Basic Games and Challenges
– Introduction to game design principles
– Creating simple games using Scratch Jr
– Adding challenges and levels to games

* Introduction to Characters and Costumes
– Exploring different characters and costumes
– Customizing characters using costumes
– Creating character animations

* Introduction to Events and Triggers
– Understanding events and triggers in coding
– Creating interactive projects with events
– Designing projects with user input

* Advanced Games and Puzzles
– Building more complex games with puzzles
– Introducing scoring and rewards
– Encouraging problem-solving through games

* Art and Animation with Code
– Using code to create art and animations
– Exploring artistic expression through coding
– Combining art and coding in projects

* Project Showcase and Collaboration
– Students present their favorite projects
– Collaborative coding activities
– Introduction to sharing and publishing projects

* Project-Based Learning and Exploration
– Extended time for students to work on individual or group projects
– Guided support and feedback from instructors
– Exploration of additional Scratch Jr features and advanced concepts

This Coding for Kids course provides a fun and educational environment for young learners to develop essential programming skills using Scratch Jr. Through creative projects and interactive sessions, children will gain confidence in expressing their ideas through coding.



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