Essential Technology Proficiency

Instructor : Ms Haidy Mikhail

Essential Technology Proficiency

Are you looking to refresh your basic or advanced software skills? Perhaps you’re embarking on your quest for an entry-level “office job” and finding yourself a bit overwhelmed by the multitude of software programs and skills mentioned in job listings. If so, you’re not alone. The extensive range of software and workplace skills required for many contemporary jobs can be intimidating for those lacking hands-on experience.

This course aims to assist you in refining a diverse set of software and workplace skills, ensuring you approach any work task with confidence. From insights on collaborative document work with your team to comprehending and overseeing databases, we’ve got you covered with comprehensive information.

Who should take this course

This course is ideal for:

– Beginners: Individuals with little to no prior knowledge of computers and software who want to establish a strong foundation.

– Job Seekers: Those pursuing entry-level “office jobs” or similar positions that require a broad range of software and workplace skills.

– Professionals Seeking Skill Enhancement: Individuals with basic or intermediate software skills looking to refresh and advance their knowledge.

– Digital Novices: Anyone feeling overwhelmed by the vast array of software programs and skills commonly listed in job advertisements.

– Career Changers: Individuals transitioning to roles that demand a comprehensive understanding of computer basics and workplace software applications.

– Anyone Seeking Digital Confidence: Those looking to navigate the digital world with confidence, whether for personal or professional reasons.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or someone looking to enhance existing skills, this course provides a structured approach to empower participants with essential computer knowledge and workplace skills.


Session 1: Introduction to Technology and Computers
– Overview of technology in general.
– Overview of different types of tech devices and the role of each one in daily life.
– Understanding computer hardware and software
– Introduction to operating systems

Session 2: Computer Hardware and Operating Systems
– Basic components of a computer system (CPU, RAM, Storage, etc.)
– Peripheral devices (keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.)
– Connecting and setting up hardware
– Overview of popular operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux)
– Navigating the desktop and file management
– Basic system settings and customization

Session 3: Basic Software Applications
– Introduction to word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software
– Overview of web browsers and email clients

Session 4: Internet Basics
– Understanding the internet and its components
– Navigating websites and using search engines
– Internet safety and security tips
– How to download, upload and attach files

Session 5: Microsoft Applications
– Basic skills on Microsoft Word
– Basic skills on Microsoft Excel
– Basic skills on Microsoft PowerPoint

Session 6: File Organization and Digital Literacy
– Backing up data and system recovery basics
– Recognizing and avoiding online threats
– Evaluating information and sources on the internet
– Best practices for online communication and collaboration
– Create or join virtual meetings as a host or guest.

Session 7: Review, Recap
– Hands-on exercises to reinforce learning
– Q&A session for addressing specific participant questions
– Overview of advanced topics for further exploration
– Future Learning Paths and Resources
– Online resources for continuous learning



Awareness and accomplished attendance


Computer with a camera and microphone.

Course Details

7 sessions
14 hours
Every Tuesday and Friday from 8 – 10 p.m. online.

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