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Digital awareness for teachers

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Understanding in brief:
• Latest and General Technologies
• Windows System
• Office 365
• Internet Skills
• Cloud storage and Sharing files
Awareness and accomplished attendance
This course is designed to enhance your digital skills at work and to boost your career. It will help you to reduce time required to do your routine daily tasks, work and collaborate in an efficient and productive ways, you will get the digital skills needed to succeed in your workplace and you will amaze your employer. By taking this course you’ll be able to, but not limited to:

• Advance your files management, using a network or cloud choices.
• Use OneDrive, Office Online, SharePoint, and more from Microsoft.
• Upload and sync files across all of your devices. Create and Share documents within your organization.
• Use the powerful tools in Google Sheets for organizing, visualizing, and calculating data in a spreadsheet.
• Print custom versions of a presentation, when presenting your slide show or print a workbook. Manage all your printing needs within the local or shared printers.