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Everything You Need To Know About CLEP Exams

Everything You Need To Know About CLEP Exams

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a series of standardized tests administered by the College Board. It offers 34 exams designed to assess college-level knowledge in various subjects, including mathematics, history, composition, and foreign languages.

What is a true benefit for CLEP?

CLEP exams offer a convenient way for students to earn college credit. Recognized by over 2,900 US colleges and universities, as well as some Canadian institutions, CLEP exams let students show their knowledge without taking a course. It is perfect for those with prior knowledge from work, self-study, or other sources. CLEP exams provide a path to earn college credit and advance their education.

Who Should Take CLEP Exams? 

As mentioned, CLEP is a perfect choice for students who have gained knowledge from outside college. Not only that, CLEP Exams offer benefits for:

  • Adults Returning to College: Showcase your knowledge and get credit for it.
  • Homeschooled Students: Earn credit for in-depth study and skip intro courses.
  • Military Service Members: Get credit for college-level knowledge from training/experience.
  • Students Looking to Save Time & Money: Earn credits without taking courses, fast-track your degree.
  • International Students: Demonstrate knowledge and earn credits for advanced courses taken in home country.

How Can I save Money with CLEP Exams?  

CLEP exams offer a smart way to speed up your degree and is a good way to save money for your courses. By passing a CLEP exam, you can:

  • Save on courses: Earn college credit without taking a course, thus reducing the number of courses you need to pay for.
  • Finish faster: Speed up your degree by earning credit faster, thus reducing the amount of money you’ll spend on tuition fee and other college expenses.
  • Skip repeats: If you’ve already taken courses similar to the CLEP exam, use the exam to show what you know and get credit, avoiding costly repeat courses.
  • Cut textbook costs: By taking CLEP exams instead of courses, you can save money on expensive textbooks and other course materials.

CLEP exams give you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and save money at the same time. Consider taking advantage of this cost-effective option for your college education.

Can We Use CLEP Score in Canada?

Although the Canadian post-secondary education system and accreditation are distinct from the United States, some Canadian institutions still recognize CLEP exams, primarily for placement purposes. In other words, students may be able to skip over introductory courses or meet admission requirements. However, before taking a CLEP exam, it is crucial for students to research the policies of their intended institution to confirm recognition of the credit.

Where Can I Take CLEP and How Much Does It Cost? 

iTechSkill Academy is a testing center that offers CLEP, DSST, and RESP exams. They provide 1 hour and 30 minute testing sessions and follow strict health and safety protocols, including the requirement for face masks. When you arrive at the center, be sure to bring your exam registration ticket and a photo ID with a matching name. During the exam, it is important to remember to store cell phones and other devices in lockers on site. For more information, be sure to check the details printed on your exam ticket.

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