Training Courses

CBAP – Certified Business Analysis Professional

Instructor :
          • Victoria Cupet | CBAP, CBDA, CPOA,
          • LN Mishra, CBAP, CBDA, CPOA, AAC & CCA
          • Lora McCoy, CBAP


As a Premier Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) of IIBA, Adaptive makes it a priority to provide best in class training experience. Our Certified Business Analysis Professional training is developed by BABOK V3 and IIBA exam committee members. This course provides 35 IIBA PD Hours needed to take CBAP certification examination.

When it comes to acquiring CBAP certification, thorough preparation is just as essential as your BA background. Our CBAP training program includes all the learning resources including a comprehensive study plan, question bank, exam simulators, and practical exam tips from our instructors as well as 700+ past students on how to ace the CBAP exam in the very first attempt.

Our learning resources are fully aligned to the CBAP v3 exam pattern and equips CBAP aspirants to prepare effectively, identify areas of weakness, and face the CBAP examination confidently.

Workshop Highlights

  • 35 IIBA PD Hours
  • 2 retake fees of USD 295 each
  • 44 hours of live virtual BABoK classes (Weekend Training)
  • 12 One-hour Live Q&A sessions over 6 months post core BABoK classes
  • 6 Months CBAP Exam Prep Support
  • CBAP Study Guide
  • 2300+ Model Questions
  • 6 Exam simulations
  • 10+ Hours of BABOK Videos
  • Flashcards and Audio Books
  • Exam prep plan and tips
  • 180 days resources (LMS) access period
  • Success Guarantee
  • Moneyback Guarantee


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Take CBAP classes to be able to

  • Understand the step-by-step process to effectively prepare for the CBAP exam

  • Expand your competence in the 6 Knowledge Areas

  • Navigate through 30 BABOK tasks and 50 essential techniques

  • Learn the best strategies and approaches to dissect scenario-based & case-based questions

  • Handle challenging and tricky questions

  • Adopt time management strategies to make it through within the allocated time

  • Complete the exam application process – filing work history KA wise

  • CBAP Prep tips to ace the exam in the first attempt

Session – 1 (4 Hours Live Online Class)

  • Participant and faculty Introductions

  • Intro to Business Analysis

  • Intro to BABoK Knowledge Areas

  • BABoK Terminology

  • BABoK themes

  • IIBA Test Information

  • PD Hour Details

Session – 2 (4 Hours Live Online Class)

  • BA Planning and Monitoring

  • Intro to KA

  • Techniques for BA Planning

  • Plan BA Approach

  • Plan Stakeholder Engagement

  • Plan BA Governance

  • Plan BA Information Management

  • Identify BA Performance Improvements

  • Elicitation and Collaboration

  • Intro to KA

  • Elicitation techniques

Session – 3 (4 Hours Live Online Class)

  • Elicitation and Collaboration

  • Prepare for Elicitation

  • Conduct Elicitation

  • Confirm Elicitation Results

  • Communicate BA Information

  • Manage Stakeholder Collaboration

  • Requirements life cycle management

  • Intro to KA

  • Techniques for Requirements LCM

  • Trace requirements

  • Maintain requirements

  • Prioritize requirements

  • Assess requirements changes

  • Approve requirements

Session – 4 (4 Hours Live Online Class)

  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

  • Intro to KA

  • Techniques for Requirements Analysis

  • Specify and model requirements

  • Verify requirements

  • Validate Requirements

  • Define Requirements architecture

  • Define Design Options

Session – 5 (4 Hours Live Online Class)

  • Strategy Analysis

  • Intro to KA

  • Analyze Current State

  • Define Future State

  • Assess Risks

  • Define Change Strategy

  • Solution Evaluation

  • Intro to KA

  • Analyze potential value and recommend solution

  • Measure solution performance

  • Analyze performance measures

  • Assess solution limitations

  • Assess enterprise limitations

  • Recommend actions to increase solution value

Session – 6 (4 Hours Live Online Class)

  • How to attempt scenario based Questions

  • Scenario based questions discussion

Session – 7 (4 Hours Live Online Class)

  • Advanced BA Techniques – Part 1

  • How to attempt Case based Questions

  • Case Based Questions Discussion

Session – 8 (4 Hours Live Online Class)

  • Advanced BA Techniques – Part 2

  • How to attempt Case based questions

Session – 9 to 21 (1 Hours Live Online Class)

  • Office hours

You need to complete a formal application and meet the experience and education requirements.

  • Our course is created for professionals who aspire to advance their careers in business analysis. You’ll find it useful if you have 5+ years of experience or hold the CCBA certification. The course will also be a trove of knowledge expansion opportunities for Product Managers, Non-BA consultants, Trainers, Product Implementation Consultants, very senior professionals such as IT Project Managers, IT QA / Testers, Change / Transformation Managers with significant BA experience. Training Program EligibilityBe sure to book your spot in this program if:


    • You’ve already notched at least 7,500 hours on a BA-related position in last 10 years (~4.5 years of BA Experience)

    • You are comfortable with learning materials in English

    • You’re well-versed in business and IT concepts

    • You have a computer or laptop with a functional microphone, a speaker and high speed internet (>2Mbps)

    • You can take online classes in a noise-free environment for uninterrupted learning

    NOTE: Residents of Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Crimea Region of Ukraine are not eligible to take IIBA exams