Training Courses

EXIN SIAM™ Foundation


EXIN SIAM™ Foundation tests a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the terminology and the core principles of SIAM. This certification covers subjects including the potential benefits, challenges, and risks of implementing Service Integration and Management.

This certification includes the following topics:
• introduction to SIAM
• SIAM implementation roadmap
• SIAM roles and responsibilities
• SIAM practices
• processes to support SIAM
• SIAM challenges and risks
• SIAM and other practices.


  • A Service Integration and Management (SIAM™) Foundation training is the recommended preparation for the certification exam.
  • Also recommended is knowledge of IT Service Management terminology, for instance through the EXIN IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000 certification.
This certification is aimed at professionals worldwide who have an interest in the practices of SIAM or want to implement this methodology in an organization and, in particular, professionals who are already working with service management processes. Furthermore, this certification is intended for providers that want to implement and manage SIAM models.
More specifically, the following roles could be interested: chief strategy officer (CSO), chief information officer (CIO), chief technical officer (CTO), service manager, service provider portfolio strategist/lead, managers (including process manager, project manager, change manager, service level manager, business relationship manager, program manager and supplier manager), service architect, process architect, business change practitioner and organizational change practitioner.