Learn how to use advanced tools located within Microsoft Word.

Students will learn how to use advanced formatting tools, research tools, use graphics, create tables, charts, headers and footers, use the research tools and do a mail merge.

Instruction will be personalized by version. Students have the option to progress through the course using Microsoft Word 2013- Level 2, or Microsoft Word 2016- Level 2.

  • Global Knowledge Delivered Course
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Explore the User Interface

  • Work with Templates

  • Working with Styles

  • Bullets and Numbering

  • Advanced Page Formatting

  • Hyperlinks

  • Use Time Saving Tools

  • Mail Merge

  • Use Send Options

  • Working with Graphics

  • Working with Tables

  • Working with Data and Charts

Explore the User Interface (If Required for Upgrade Students)

  • Office Button

  • Ribbon Overview

  • Mini Toolbar

  • Status Bar

  • Shortcut Key Tips

  • Contextual Tabs

Work with Templates

  • Create a Template

  • Modify a Template

  • Attach a Template to a Document

Working with Styles

  • Create a Style from Text

  • Use the Styles Pane

  • Modify and Delete Styles

  • Use the Style Inspector

  • Use Reveal Formatting

  • Manage Styles

Bullets and Numbering

  • Custom Bullets and Numbering

  • Create a Multi-Level List

  • Restart or Continue Numbering

Advanced Page Formatting

  • Use Columns

  • Insert Page Breaks, Column Breaks, Section Breaks and Line Breaks

  • Set Break Options

  • Create a Blank Page and a Cover Page

  • Add Page Colours, Watermarks, Borders and Horizontal Lines

  • Add Headers and Footers

  • Use Header and Footer Galleries

  • Add a Header or Footer to the Gallery

  • Link and Unlink Headers and Footers

  • Use and Modify Themes


  • Add Hyperlinks

  • Edit Hyperlinks

  • Remove Hyperlinks

Use Time Saving Tools

  • Use Hyphenation and Word Count

  • Use Research, Language and Translation Tools

  • Use and Customize Autocorrect

  • Insert the Date and Time

  • Insert Symbols and Special Characters

  • Work with Smart Tags

Mail Merge

  • Use the Mail Merge Wizard

  • Use the Mailings Ribbon

  • Create Envelopes and Labels

Use Send Options

  • Fax a Document

  • Email a Document

  • Use Email Features

Working with Graphics

  • Add Pictures and Clipart

  • Format and Modify Images

  • Add Captions

  • Add and Format WordArt

  • Add and Format AutoShapes

  • Add and Format Text Boxes

  • Align, Distribute, Group and Order Graphics

  • Add QuickParts and Use Building Blocks

  • Add and Format SmartArt

Working with Tables

  • Insert a Table

  • Table Selection Options

  • Format a Table

  • Modify Table Structure

  • Draw a Table

  • Use Table Options Dialog Boxes

  • Convert Text to Table

  • Sort a Table

Working with Data and Charts

  • Use and Insert Equations

  • Insert a Chart

  • Format a Chart

  • Modify Chart Options

  • Embed and Link Excel Tables and Charts

This course assumes that the user has completed the first level of our Microsoft Word 365 courseware, or has equivalent knowledge of the following topics:

* Using the various parts of the Microsoft Word interface
* Getting help in Microsoft Word
* Creating, opening, and saving a basic document
* Applying formatting to text
* Inserting tables and graphical objects
* Controlling paragraph and page layout using the tools on the Home tab, Layout tab, and Page Setup dialog box
* Proofing a document for errors
* Customizing the Microsoft Word environment
* A basic understanding of Microsoft Excel is helpful when completing the first lesson of this course, but is not required.

Microsoft Word 365 – Part 1

Awareness and accomplished attendance
This course is intended for participants who are interested in learning about Microsoft Word.