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AWS Foundations for Beginners

Instructor :
ITSA-Final-logo-01-Cropped.png Bharavi Desai


Our beginner-friendly course on Amazon Web Services is tailored for individuals eager to grasp the fundamentals of AWS. Regardless of whether you’ve never logged into the AWS platform, we’ll lead you through the basics until you gain confidence in the concepts and terminology. No prior programming knowledge or experience with AWS is necessary to complete this course.

This comprehensive course will walk you through everything from AWS basics to in-depth explanations of concepts such as EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute). It will delve into Amazon’s databases, including Amazon RDS and DynamoDB, as well as related technologies such as IAM (Identity and Access Management) and S3 basics (Simple Storage Service).

Furthermore, the course will explore CloudWatch, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, Route 53, and the trending AWS Lambda. By the course’s end, you’ll be equipped to apply AWS skills and best practices to your own projects, making it an ideal starting point on your journey to mastering AWS.

Course Duration: 

7 hours | 1 Saturday from 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM



  • Introduction to AWS
    Introduction to AWS
    Creating an AWS Account
    Introduction to AWS Management Console

  • AWS IAM and access management
    IAM Overview What & Why?
    IAM User & Group
    IAM Policies + a Quick Lab
    IAM Roles Overview & How to Create a Role
    IAM Best Practices

  • EC2 Fundamentals
    EC2 Basics
    Security Groups
    Lab: Launching an EC2 Instance
    EC2 Lab Demo
    Lab : Use an EC2 Instance Part 1
    Lab : Use an EC2 Instance Part 2

  • Amazon S3 Fundamentals
    S3 Basics
    S3 Storage Classes
    S3 Lab

  • AWS Database services
    AWS Database Services Introduction
    Lab : Launch RBS DB Instance
    DynamoDB Introduction
    Lab : Dynamo DB
    Modifying + Cleaning up the Resources

  • Other Services
    Cloud Watch
    Elastic Load Balancing
    EC2 Auto Scaling
    Amazon Route 53
    AWS Lambda
    Bonus Lecture: More Interesting Stuff, Offers and Discounts

    This course is for absolute beginners who would like to use AWS for their infrastructure needs.

    Individuals who would like to dive in to AWS cloud and looking to change their field.
    People coming from technical background and would like to explore cloud technologies