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AWS: Cloud Practitioner- Cloud Quest Badge

Instructor :
ITSA-Final-logo-01-Cropped.png Bharavi Desai


Learn and gain the Digital Badge offered by AWS with the help of a live Instructor taking you to the theoretical understanding behind projects.
AWS Cloud Quest stands as the premier 3D role-playing game tailored to enhance your practical AWS Cloud competencies. Pick your designated role—be it Cloud Practitioner,—and embark on a journey to acquire and apply cloud skills in aiding the inhabitants of your virtual metropolis. Upon completion of all tasks pertinent to your chosen role, proudly exhibit your accomplishment through a digital badge. Throughout the journey, the Live instructor will guide you and share the theoretical knowledge to gain the best out of the combination of learning experiences. Whether initiating your foray into cloud learning or delving into specialized skills, AWS Cloud Quest offers an interactive, immersive approach to learning. It helps you to gain the best, lab-focused learning experience and allows you to showcase your cloud knowledge by gaining a learning badge.

Course audience:

AWS Cloud Beginners and a Journey for Industry Certificate

Course Duration:

26 hours | 5 sessions | every Saturday from 09:00 AM – 3 PM

The last session will be 6 hours


Please check Course Outline
For each assignment, you will receive an automated account to build a new solution on the AWS console.

  1. Cloud Computing Essentials
    Business Request: The city’s web portal needs to migrate the beach wave size prediction page to AWS to improve reliability.
    Learning Objectives: Articulate the characteristics of the AWS cloud computing platform. Describe the core benefits of using AWS products and services. Compare and contrast AWS cloud services to On-Premises infrastructure. Implement hosting a static web page using Amazon S3.

  2. Cloud First Steps
    Business Request: The island’s stabilization system is failing and needs increased reliability and availability for its computational modules.
    Learning Objectives: Summarize AWS Infrastructure benefits. Describe AWS Regions and Availability Zones. Deploy Amazon EC2 instances into multiple Availability Zones.

  3. Computing Solutions
    Business Request: The school server that runs the scheduling solution needs more memory. Assist with vertically scaling their Amazon EC2 instance.
    Learning Objectives: Describe Amazon EC2 instance families and instance types. Describe horizontal and vertical scaling. Recognize options for connecting to Amazon EC2 instances.

  4. Networking Concepts
    Business Request: Help the bank setup a secure networking environment which allows communication between resources and the internet.
    Learning Objectives: Define key features of VPCs, subnets, internet gateways and route tables. Describe the benefits of using Amazon VPCs. State the basics of CIDR block notation and IP addressing. Explain how VPC traffic is routed and secured using gateways, network access control lists, and security groups.

  5. Databases in Practice
    Business Request: Improve the insurance company’s relational database operations, performance, and availability.
    Learning Objectives: Review the features, benefits and database types available with Amazon RDS. Describe vertical and horizontal scaling on Amazon RDS. Use Amazon RDS read replicas to increase database performance. Implement multi-AZ deployments of Amazon RDS to increase availability.

  6. Connecting VPCs
    Business Request: The city’s marketing team wants separate Amazon VPCs for each department that allows communication between Amazon VPCs.
    Learning Objectives: Summarize how VPC peering works with Amazon VPC. Explain the steps for establishing a VPC peering connection. Create a peering connection between two Amazon VPCs. Establish a peering connection between Amazon VPCs using a specific subnet.

  7. First NoSQL Database
    Business Request: Help the island’s streaming entertainment service implement a NoSQL database to develop new features.
    Learning Objectives: Summarize the different uses of common purpose-built databases. Describe the features and benefits of Amazon DynamoDB. Interact with the elements and attributes of an Amazon DynamoDB database. Set Up a NoSQL database with Amazon DynamoDB.

  8. File Systems in the Cloud
    Business Request: Help the city’s pet modeling agency share file data without provisioning or managing storage.
    Learning Objectives: Summarize the different storage options available on AWS. Summarize the key features and benefits of Amazon EFS. Identify business use cases for Amazon EFS. Configure Amazon EFS endpoints to access centralized storage.

  9. Auto-healing and Scaling Applications
    Business Request: Assist the city’s gaming cafe with implementing auto-healing servers while restricting patrons to a specific provisioning capacity.
    Learning Objectives: Describe the auto-healing and scaling capabilities offered by Auto Scaling groups. Create an Auto Scaling group with strict resource boundaries. Configure an Auto Scaling group to respond to a time-based event.

  10. Highly Available Web Applications
    Business Request: Help the travel agency create a highly available web application architecture.
    Learning Objectives: Describe the principles for architecting highly available applications. Summarize the benefits of using an AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB). Use Auto Scaling groups with load balancing and health monitoring.

  11. Core Security Concepts
    Business Request: Help improve security at the city’s stock exchange by ensuring that support engineers can only perform authorized actions.
    Learning Objectives: Describe the creation process and differences between AWS IAM users, roles, and groups. Review the structure and components of AWS IAM Policies. Summarize the AWS Shared Responsibility Model and compliance programs.

  12. Cloud Economics
    Business Request: The city’s surfboard shop needs a cost estimation of an architecture with variable resource usage.
    Learning Objectives: Describe how pricing estimates are obtained. Use the AWS Pricing Calculator to estimate the price of an AWS architecture.

Gain Learning Badge:

Basic Knowledge of AWS Cloud and associated framework

Individuals who would like to dive into AWS cloud and looking to change their field.
People coming from technical background and would like to explore cloud technologies.
AWS Cloud Beginners and on a Journey for Industry Certificate of Cloud Practitioners.